Dear Homeowner:


We are glad you contacted us about your mortgage. We understand how hard that was to do and promise to work with you to find a resolution to your situation. We offer FREE FORECLOSURE COUNSELING by HUD-Certified Foreclosure Intervention and Default Counselors to homeowners at-risk or in foreclosure.

To assist us in providing you with the most effective and efficient service, please complete the attached worksheets as thoroughly as possible. Please give the Financial Worksheet careful attention. In addition, please obtain a copy of your credit report to bring with you provides you with one free report from each of the three reporting agencies per year. As part of the budgeting process, this will assist us in identifying problem areas and/or corrections needed on the credit report.

We can’t help with a resolution unless we have a complete and accurate picture of your situation. A plan based on only part of your information is certain to fail.

There are some specific documents you will need to locate and bring to your appointment:

  • Any correspondence from the servicer/bank or its attorneys
  • Any correspondence from the courts
  • Identification
  • Copy of modification application submitted, if any; and
  • Copy of Note(s) from the latest loan closing, first and second, if applicable and any Loan Modification Agreements

When all information is completed and returned to us, an appointment will be scheduled. Please arrive on time. Directions are located on our website.

As a HUD certified housing counseling agency, we look forward to working with you as your housing advocate. For comprehensive information regarding the foreclosure process, please see links listed on our website.